Portal History will show you the Portals you have already visited, captured or scanned.

To access the Portal History feature, tap the Layers button in the map view of your Scanner. You can find the Layers button on the right-hand side of your Scanner under the Compass.

Tapping the Layers button will show a menu where you can choose to view Visited, Captured, and Scout Controlled Portals. Tap each layer to view the Portals that meet the criteria.

Visited: This layer will add a Purple ring to the Scanner around any Portal that you have visited. This includes Portals you have Hacked, Glyph Hacked, created a Link from, Upgraded or Deployed a Resonator on an already captured Portal.

Captured: This layer will add a Red ring to the Scanner around any Portal that you have captured. This includes Portals where you have deployed a Resonator on a neutral Portal.

Scout Controlled: This layer will add an Orange ring to the Scanner around any Portal that you have successfully earned Scout Controller on. It also toggles the visibility of Volatile Scout Controller Portal (VSCP) markers, which are high-value Target Portals worth 3 Scout Controller points towards the Scout Controller medal.


The Portal I have Visited/Captured/Submitted a Scan for isn’t showing an ornament.
The Portal History feature enables Agents to see unique Portal visits, captures, and Scout Controlled Portals. Agents Level 3 and higher will have their past Portal activity included.

Can I view the Portal History in the Intel Map?
Yes, all Agents can view their Portal History on Intel via the Filters button. You must be zoomed in to view all Portals and access the Filters button.