The Kinetic Capsule is a unique type of Capsule that lets you combine items using kinetic energy charged by walking certain distances in order to craft Very Rare items.

Agents Level 4 or higher can visit the Ingress Store to claim 1 Common Kinetic Capsule, which is indestructible and reusable. The Common Kinetic Capsule can craft the following items:
  • 1 Very Rare Portal Shield: 3 Rare Shield; 3 L4 XMP (or higher); 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 Very Rare Heat Sink: 3 Rare Heat Sink; 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 Very Rare Multi-Hack: 3 Rare Multi-Hack; 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 SoftBank Ultra Link: 3 Rare Link Amp; 3 L4 XMP (or higher); 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 5 Hypercubes: 10 L4 (or higher) Power Cubes

Your Kinetic Capsule will appear in your inventory under Capsules. The Kinetic Capsule management menu allows you to select from a menu of known Programs, which are instructions that can be executed to craft a specific item.

After selecting your desired Program, tap RUN to begin the crafting process. To craft the item, you must generate sufficient kinetic energy by walking a specified distance. For example, the Common Kinetic Capsule runs 8km Programs. Once you’ve walked the necessary distance, you’ll receive a COMM Alert letting you know the Program has successfully completed and to claim your item.

If you’ve reached your inventory capacity limit while a Program is running, the Kinetic Capsule will still complete the item creation process and you’ll be able to claim the crafted item.

Please note that the maximum distance able to contribute to a Kinetic Capsule is 40km per day. Any distance above 40km walked within 24 hours will still contribute to the Trekker medal but will not be counted towards Kinetic Capsule programs.