Scout Controller is a special designation publicly visible on the Portal details screen of each Portal, which credits Agents with the most number of successfully uploaded Portal Scans in the last 30 days. 
To become the Scout Controller for a specific Portal, complete and upload the highest number of Portal Scans for that Portal. Once an Agent becomes the Scout Controller, the Portal details screen will show: {codename} is Scout Controller: {x} Scout Points. Like Seer Points, one Scout Point is the equivalent of one successfully uploaded Portal Scan. If there is a tie for Scout Points, then the older value or original Scout Controller keeps their status.
The Scout Controller’s Agent codename and number of Scout Points are visible on the Portal details screen. If no one has yet claimed Scout Controller for that Portal, this designation will appear instead of the current Scout Controller: No Scout Controller: Scan this Portal now and stake your claim.
It’s important to note that the Scout Controller designation reflects an Agent’s Scout Points over the last 30 days. However, the designation will only update on the Portal details screen once a successful Portal Scan has been uploaded for that Portal. For example:
What Agents see
Agent A successfully uploads 5 Portal Scans
Agent A is Scout Controller: 5 Scout Points
Agent A successfully uploads 3 Portal Scans
Agent A is Scout Controller: 8 Scout Points
Agent B successfully uploads 1 Portal Scan
Agent A is Scout Controller: 3 Scout Points
Agent B successfully uploads 1 Portal Scan
Agent B is Scout Controller: 2 Scout Points
In this example, Agent B becomes the Scout Controller on day 41 because they’ve successfully uploaded more Portal Scans within the last 30 days. The Portal Scans Agent A uploaded on days 1 and 7 are no longer counted. However, Agent A would remain Scout Controller for days 31 through 40, as no other Portal Scans were uploaded during this period.
You will receive COMM alerts for Scout Controller activity confirming that you’ve claimed Scout Controller for a Portal as well as when your Scout Controller status has been overtaken, similar to alerts you receive for opposing Faction activity against a Portal you currently control. 
Scout Controller status also contributes to the Scout Controller medal. The Scout Controller medal is awarded at different tiers for unique Portals at which you’ve been Scout Controller.
  • Bronze: 100
  • Silver: 500
  • Gold: 1,000
  • Platinum: 5,000
  • Onyx: 12,000