In 2012, the NIA launched a clandestine drone initiative, “Codename: NL-DN” (November Lima Drone Network), as part of the NOVEMBER LIMA project. Developed in partnership with IQTECH RESEARCH, the goals of the project were to facilitate site reconnaissance and XM detection. The project was shuttered after footage was leaked on by an anonymous whistleblower, and Dronenet canisters were reportedly retrieved by the civilian population. 

However, it has now become clear that IQTECH RESEARCH continued unsanctioned development on NL-DN. A patch in the latest version of the Ingress Scanner enables Agents to initiate a secure connection to the Dronenet to commandeer one Low-Altitude, Short-Endurance (LASE) Mark I Drone to hack nearby Portals.

At the time of this report, there is no evidence to suggest the existence of an IQTECH Drone Mark II.