As a part of our ongoing commitment to keeping Ingress fun and enforcing fair gameplay, we occasionally overturn the actions of banned players to minimize their impact on legitimate gameplay. These actions may include removing Resonator and Mods deployed, removing or restoring links/fields, and restoring ownership of the Portal to a legitimate player. 

Each reset request is evaluated by the Vanguards of both Factions using the following criteria, and eligible requests are forwarded to NIA OPS for further action. Note that the final call to reset the Portal/Links/Fields remains with NIA OPS. 

When reviewing Portal reset requests, these are some of the things we take into account:
  • Was the account that performed the action reported and banned?
  • Was the action performed within the last 30 days?
  • What is the distance from the Portal to the nearest active Agents?
  • What is the terrain like where the Portal is located?
  • Is the Portal in a limited-access or seasonal area?
  • What is the quality of cellular reception at Portal’s location?
  • What was the cost to capture the Portal?
  • How often is the Portal visited by Agents?
  • How long was the Portal previously owned?

We also take into consideration any legitimate actions that have been performed by players between the time of the bad actor(s) actions and when the reset is performed. We will not be able to undo legitimate actions but will try our best to handle time-sensitive requests on a case-by-case basis. 

Any actions by the following official accounts is an indication that the Reset program is at work: NIAGameMaster, NIAOpsDeamon, NIACHAOSMONKEY

To request a Portal/Link/Field reset, please fill the Fast Track form when reporting the incident and choose “Yes” for the question “If eligible, do you want to request for the Portal(s) to be reset?” in the form. The Vanguards may reach out to you if additional information is needed to evaluate the request.

While you’re waiting for the reported account to be investigated, you can gather the data the Vanguards will need for processing a Portal Reset: For each eligible portal (that is, a hard to access portal that has been altered by a banned spoofer) they’ll need:
  • the Intel Map links of the affected Portals
  • the original portal configuration (owner of the portal, owner and level of all resonators, type of mods)
  • incoming and outgoing links