The Trusted Reporters program leverages Agents’ organic understanding of Ingress to help improve the player experience with regards to inappropriate gameplay. They are players nominated by other players for their keen understanding of the gameplay and local knowledge and who are trusted to escalate critical issues that impact gameplay on the ground to Niantic. To protect the privacy of the players in this group, their codenames will not be shared publicly. 

Can a Trusted Reporter ban a player? 
No, a Trusted Reporter can only share local intel with NIA OPS. They cannot guarantee that action will be taken against an account or that a Portal reset will occur based on the action. Trusted Reporters do not adjudicate actions, determine or make recommendations to NIA OPS about what actions should be taken on an account and cannot access any tickets. 

How can I request for a Fast Track of a spoofing incident?
  1. Contact support by tapping the button at the top-right corner of the screen
  2. Choose the Option ‘Report Inappropriate Gameplay’
  3. Follow the prompts to provide the necessary information regarding the report
  4. Once the report has been filed, you’ll receive an automated response with the ticket ID and the link for the Fast Track form. 
  5. Submit the form with the relevant information. NIA OPS will fast track eligible tickets
Note that not all reports or categories may be eligible for a fast track. If your ticket isn't eligible for a fast track, it will be reviewed as per the regular timeline. For more info on what happens to your reports, read

The Account I reported was banned. How can I request for the Portal to be reset? 
If the Portal is eligible for a reset, you can request for the reset in the Fast Track form. Eligible requests will be forwarded to the Vanguards and they may contact you for further details.For more information on Vanguards and the Portal Reset Program, follow these links: