Agents who’ve reached level 10 can help grow the number of Portals in their community by nominating eligible objects and locations. Once submitted, the nomination will be evaluated by Niantic’s player community, and highly-rated nominations may be accepted as Portals. By nominating a new Portal, you’re helping other Agents get out and explore their communities. See this article for more information about what makes a high-quality Portal.

Eligible Agents can submit a limited number of nominations each fortnight. If you don’t use all your nominations within this period, note that they don’t roll over for future use. 

Submitting a Portal Nomination

To submit a nomination:
  1. Tap the Main Menu button and select NOMINATIONS. Note that the Nominations button won’t appear until you’ve reached level 10. 
  2. Review the information screens and tap NEXT to proceed.
  3. Set the Portal’s location by tapping and dragging the map until the marker is in the correct location.

    Set the location marker as accurately as possible and tap CONFIRM to proceed.

  4. Add a photo of the Portal by selecting TAKE PHOTO to take a photo using your device’s camera or EXISTING PHOTO to select a photo from your device’s storage. Confirm by selecting USE PHOTO.

    Be sure to take a clear, high-quality photo that shows the Portal’s location clearly. Keep in mind that you must take all photos yourself and not upload images you find online.

  5. Submit an additional photo of the area surrounding the Portal to help determine whether the location is safe and there’s enough space for Agents to gather nearby. Proceed by tapping NEXT.

  6. Complete your nomination by naming the Portal and adding a description of its origin, history, or the background of the place.
  7. Review your nomination and tap CONFIRM to submit it for review.

Once you've completed your nomination, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and it will be sent for review by our community of reviewers. We strive to process your nomination as soon as possible, but depending on the level of review needed, processing may take several weeks or months. Once the community has made a decision regarding your Portal nomination, you’ll receive an update via email:
  • If your nomination was deemed eligible: Congrats! Your contribution will encourage more Agents to explore their communities. Please keep in mind that not all eligible Portal nominations will live in Ingress. However, they may appear in other Niantic games.
  • If your nomination was deemed ineligible: Please review the Portal criteria to make sure your nomination follows all of the criteria. We receive a large number of nominations, and not all of them are guaranteed to be added to our network.

Note About User-Submitted Content and Ownership

When you submit a Portal nomination to Niantic, we don’t claim ownership of that content. You still retain your rights to the content as the creator, but you do grant Niantic a license to use the content in any way we see fit. This means, for example, that we have your permission to use the Portal images and descriptions to create new in-game locations in Ingress, but we also have your permission to use them to create locations across different games. This is just a brief summary of how we use user-submitted content. For the full details, please review the Niantic Terms of Service.