Help with Email

I don’t know which email address I used to log in to Ingress

If you do not know which email address you used to log in to Ingress, we may be able to help recover it by looking up your Agent Codename.

I know my Agent Codename

Please contact us and select the "Forgot my codename/email" option for assistance on recovering your email address.

I don't know my Agent Codename

To help find your Agent Codename, we recommend reviewing screenshots you may have saved on your mobile device while playing Ingress. Your Codename appears at the top right corner of the Scanner, or at the top left on your Agent Profile screen. Once you have found your Agent Codename, Please contact us and select the "Forgot my codename/email" option.

Don’t remember your Agent Codename or your email address? Unfortunately, we will not be able to locate your account in our system without one of these pieces of information.

Still having trouble?

  • Google: Please visit Google’s recovery form to receive a list of all your Google email addresses.
  • Facebook: Please visit the Facebook Help Center for help logging back into your Facebook account.
  • Apple: You may have chosen the “Hide my email” option when creating an account. If so, go to your Settings app to find your randomly generated email address for your Ingress account, or visit the Apple support page for additional help logging back into your account.

My account has been reset to Level 1

Some Agents might experience an issue where it appears that gameplay progress has been reset. Please be assured that your gameplay progress has NOT been lost. It remains safe and intact.

You may have inadvertently created another Ingress account. This happens when you create a Ingress account with one login method (Google Account or Facebook) and later attempt to sign in with a different login method or email address.

To resolve this issue:
You’ll need to log out of the account you’re currently signed into and sign in with the email address and login method you originally used to create your Ingress account.
  • In the Scanner, touch the Main Menu
  • At the top right, touch Settings
  • Scroll down to the Sign Out option
  • On the Settings screen, take note of the email address and login method presented below the Sign Out option. You are currently logged into your account using this combination of email address and login method.
  • Touch Sign Out
  • Sign in using the same email address AND login method used when you originally created your Ingress account.
If you don’t remember the email/login method used, please review the tips in this article to retrieve your Codename/email address.

Help with Password

I forgot my password

Ingress does not collect or store account passwords. Our support team cannot access or reset your password. Your account password is maintained by your login provider: either Google, Facebook, or Apple.

To change or reset your password, please visit your login provider website:

Keep Your Account Secure

Once you have access to your Ingress account, we strongly recommend the following:
  • Choose a strong password
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Add a backup login to your Ingress account
For more tips on keeping your account safe, visit the Google Safety Center.