The world around you is not what it seems. Ingress Missions are a way for Agents to adventure, discover, and earn credits for their Spec. OPs Medal.

What makes a high-quality Mission?

Missions should be fun, challenging, and help other Agents discover your city. Here are some tips for creating high-quality Missions:

Pick a theme

Popular Missions have an underlying theme that helps Agents understand their purpose. Examples of good themes are:
  • Missions that allow Agents to learn about cultural aspects of a city... the best food, the coolest art, top tourist attractions and other memorable locations.
  • Missions that center on history or historical figures, like a Mission along the Boston Freedom Trail or a Mission tracing important points in the life of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • Pop culture Missions, like tours of movie locations or a local band’s favorite spots to eat, drink and relax around the city.
  • College campus tours.
  • Fitness (e.g., Hacking all Portals along a rigorous hiking trail or running path).
  • Missions that tell a story or take Agents on a creative journey.

Create good content

Enhance your Mission by making sure you include a relevant Mission image. Write a great Mission description. Consider adding customized commentary for each Waypoint; this helps make the Mission more interesting and engaging for your fellow Agents.

Set realistic expectations

Agents cannot go on multiple Missions at the same time, so Missions that are too long or difficult may cause Agents to abort halfway through. To improve your completion rate, include information about how long it may take, the amount of distance it covers, whether it’s best on foot or on bicycle, etc. For banner Missions, adding where the Mission series starts and ends can help Agents plan their day better.

Add a Challenge

Make your Missions more challenging by using clever passphrases based on information within the environment or Mission itself, or use hidden waypoints to turn the whole world into a scavenger hunt. Consider making Agents examine the Portals themselves to find answers to puzzles or the way to their next Waypoint.

The thumbs up value for your Mission indicates the percentage of Agents who rated your Mission positively. Agents may reach out to you via COMM with suggestions or feedback about your Missions. Incorporating those suggestions is a great way to increase your rating.

When creating Missions, click on the Live Missions button in the map view to survey other live Missions in the area. Try to create Missions that fill a void, either in terms of the area they cover or their content or theme.

Why was my Mission rejected?

The most common rejection reasons are detailed below. If your Mission is rejected, please review the criteria again, and use them as a guide to improve the quality of your Mission before you resubmit.

Quality Issues

  • Your Mission lacks a clear or helpful description.
  • Your Mission Image, description, and/or title are unrelated to the Waypoints chosen.

Inappropriate Content including revealing Personal Information

  • The Mission contains inappropriate text or images (such as curse words/obscenity) or defamatory text.
  • The primary intention of the Mission is trolling, harassment, abuse, attack or ridicule.
  • The Mission text or image reveals information about your identity or another Agent’s identity, including (but not limited to) real names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Mission includes full or partial codenames/Agent names (e.g., "Mission idea from @NIAGameMaster" or "this is neo's favorite lunch spot," etc.)
  • Mission includes clues or passphrases that require contacting a certain person to get the answer or cannot be acquired from within the Mission or environment.

Incomplete/Spammy or Promotional Content

  • The focus of the Mission is to promote a website or something similar.
  • The Mission includes URLs or email addresses.

Trademark and Copyright Issues

  • You have used an image or any text that isn't yours or that you don't have rights to use or that consists of a logo.
  • Text that claims the Mission is “official” or otherwise implies it has special designation or is endorsed by Niantic (e.g., “The Official Ingress London Mission”)
  • Use of official Niantic logos or event names (NL1331, Mission Day, etc.)
Please be aware that excessive rejections, spammy submissions or harassment via Missions may result in your Mission Authoring permissions being suspended.

Good luck, Agent! May your Missions guide and inspire many Agents in the days to come!