We are committed to providing a fun and fair gaming experience for all players and we continually take action against Agents found in violation of the Ingress Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines.

If you suspect an Agent is violating these terms by using unofficial third-party services to access and affect Ingress gameplay, please report them.

The following information is all you need to share while reporting a player: 
  • Abuser Agent name
  • Date/Time of the event (including timezone)
  • Name of the Portal affected 
  • Location of the Portal/Intel Map link 

Any additional details mentioned in the ticket may not impact the investigation. Please note that duplicate tickets or mass-reporting only delay our response time on all tickets.

Note that before reporting an Agent:

  • For privacy reasons, we cannot discuss actions taken against other agents; therefore, you will only hear back from us if we need additional information from you to investigate the issue.
  • It is important to note that when an account is reported to us, not all outcomes may result in an account being banned. Based on our policy, we may warn a person, place restrictions on their account, or take other appropriate actions.
  • We do not reveal the sources of our reports. Please refrain from engaging with this Agent in COMM or on the field.
  • Please report only one Agent per submission. To report multiple people, please fill out the details once for each Agent you’re reporting.

To report a player, contact support by tapping the button at the top-right corner of the screen, choose ‘Report Inappropriate Gameplay’, and follow the prompts to provide the necessary information regarding the report. Once the report is filed, you will receive an automated message confirming the receipt of the report.