In order to play Pikmin Bloom, you must grant access to the necessary information. This support page describes what each permission entails.

Allow access to your step data (required)

This permission is required for Pikmin Bloom to reflect the step count data stored on the device. The data to be read are as follows.

iOS : steps in Apple's "Health" app

Android : the fitness information of the Google account linked to your Android device (For children's accounts, the app's own step counting mechanism is used)

Allow access to your location (required)

Pikmin Bloom is a game where you walk with Pikmin in the real world and record memories. This permission is required in order for the app to reflect the location data stored on your device.

Allow access to background location (recommended)

This permission is for accessing location information in the background, even when the app is not running. Without this permission, the app will not reflect location information when the app is not running, and some functions within the app will be restricted.