Pikmin Bloom is hosting a variety of events. Let’s participate in the limited time event challenges! You can get rewards by completing various missions. 


How to participate

Tap the "Challenge List" widget at the top of the home screen to display the ongoing event challenge.

  1. Each stage of the event challenge has its own missions. Tap "Collect Reward" when you have completed the mission. You will receive a random reward. At this time, the "Double your reward!" button will appear only for rare rewards such as a gold seedling. Tap it to double the reward in exchange for coins.

  2. The big flower in the middle grows as you complete the stage's missions.

  3. When all the missions of the stage are completed, the big flower will bloom when all the missions are completed! The reward you receive at this time is fixed for each event challenge.

  4. Try again and again to get more rewards!

Note on receiving rewards

  • When receiving a reward for completing a mission, a random reward is displayed in rotation, but the reward does not change depending on the timing of the tap.

  • The "Double your reward!" button is not displayed for the reward given after the all missions of the stage has been completed and the big flower blooms.

  • Some of the items awarded upon completion of the event challenge missions may exceed your current storage limits. In this case, you can choose to "Release" or "Receive Later" the amount that exceeds your storage limits.

  • Rewards will be automatically released if not received by the end of the event.

  • If you use the "Double your reward!" button, you will receive rewards beyond the storage limit.

  • Missions and the types of rewards after completing the missions are subject to change without notice regardless of the progress of the event.

Premium Event Pass

The Premium Event Pass is an item that can only be purchased by users level 20 and above! The purchase of this item grants the following benefits for the ongoing event challenges.

  • When receiving nectars upon clearing each stage, you will be able to receive additional nectars of various seasons that will help you clear the missions. Please check the details screen of the Event Premium Pass for the number of nectars you can receive.
  • When you clear Stage 4, you will get one gold seedling of your favorite color in addition to the regular reward. Thereafter, you will receive this additional reward for every 4 stages that you clear after the initial round.


  • Please note that the Premium Event Pass can only be purchased from the shop or challenge List by users level 20 and above. Users who are at level 19 or below will not see the Premium Event Pass listed in the shop or challenge list.
  • The effects of the Premium Event Pass will only apply to ongoing event challenges. When an ongoing event ends, the effect of the applicable Event Pass will end. To obtain the benefits of the pass for a newly started event, you will need to purchase a new pass.
  • The type of extra seasonal nectar provided in the Premium Event Pass will differ from the existing regular nectar rewards
  • Please be aware that the rewards provided by the Premium Event Pass apply only to progress made after the pass has been purchased. Any progress or rewards acquired prior to purchasing the pass will not be eligible for the Premium Event Pass benefits.