• Share your Pikmin from the Pikmin details screen
  • Long tap the Mii costumes in your inventory to see their names and descriptions
  • You can now cancel weekly challenge invitations after you’ve sent them
  • Rewards from the Weekly Challenge will now be put on hold for 3 days if you try to collect them when you have a full inventory
  • Other small improvements

With the release of v58, if one or more items in Weekly Challenge rewards are already above your storage capacity, you will be asked to “Release” the excess items or “Receive later”. If you would like to use some items to free storage, you can select “Receive later”.

Please note:

  • You need to receive the on-hold rewards within 3 days after finishing the Weekly Challenge. Otherwise you will lose the on-hold rewards.
  • To start a new Weekly Challenge in the same category, you first need to receive on-hold rewards.