Companies that have signed sponsorships with Niantic may appear at Pikmin Bloom as special spots. Special spots allow you to receive special rewards.

Note :

  • Parental permission for "Sponsored Content" is required for a child's account to view Special Spots. For more information, please see this support article.
  • Reward content, redemption frequency, and redemption limits vary by sponsored companies.
  • You need to be close to the Special Spot to receive your reward.  When you can receive rewards, a glowing effect appears on Special Spots. The left image shows that reward is accessible, and the right side shows that the reward is not accessible.

How to Receive Rewards

  1. Special Spots will appear in the map view.
  2. Tap on a Special Spot, and a detail screen will appear.
  3. On the detail screen, swipe down on a special spot to receive a reward.

Nintendo Official Shops

Special Spots always appear at the following official shops directly managed by Nintendo.
  • Nintendo TOKYO
  • Nintendo OSAKA
  • Nintendo KYOTO
  • Nintendo New York
Currently, you can receive a gold seedling as a reward once a day.  The seedling will grow into either Red, Yellow, or Blue "Present Sticker (Gold)" Decor Pikmin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have opened the Special Spot details screen, but the reward is not given to me.

Any of the following may apply: Please note that if applicable, you will not receive any rewards.
  • You have reached the maximum reward.
  • You are not close enough to the Special Spot.

Q. I tried to swipe the special spot, but a message “Error: Unable to verify the exact location. Please check your device settings.” appeared and I couldn't get the reward.

If you see this error, the following are possible causes.

  • (iOS Only) “Precise Location” setting is not enabled in your device.  Please check Setting>Pikmin Bloom>Precise Location and turn it on.
  • Using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location (“spoofing”). Please stop using these kind of tools or techniques, as they violate [Niantic Terms of Service] and [Niantic Player Guideline].