Father’s Day is coming up in many countries around the world! Celebrate this holiday with your Pikmin squad by filling the world with beautiful roses.

Because you all enjoyed the Mother’s Day event so much, we’ve decided to extend the Father’s Day event for an extra day. We hope you use the time to plant even more flowers!

Date: Saturday, June 18th and Sunday, June 19th 2022
Time: All day

In-app bonuses:
  • Big Flowers will bloom into roses when you plant regular blue, red, yellow, or white petals around them (Each Big Flower will bloom for 3 hours only)
  • Postcards obtained through expeditions will feature a limited-time Father’s Day design

Shop information:
During the event, jars of 60 Rose Petals will be available in the shop, in addition to the usual jars of 180 Rose Petals. These will be available for all Rose colors, except blue.

If you haven’t yet, follow us on social media @PikminBloom and drop us a line! We can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you!


<IMPORTANT>Before asking any questions to Support, please make sure your app has been updated to v44 or later.

Q. The items I found from Big Flower have been deleted from the expedition list.
A Big Flower that has bloomed will return to its leaf form after it is done blooming. At this time, the items found at the Big Flower will also disappear from your Expedition screen if you have not sent Pikmin to collect it.
During the community day, the Big Flower will bloom for a shorter period of time than usual, so be sure to send your Pikmin out often to get as many items as possible!