Please find frequently asked questions and answers about Niantic Wayfarer.

Q. What is Niantic Wayfarer?

Niantic Wayfarer is a one-of-a-kind community mapping program that allows you to directly shape your real-world adventures across all Niantic games. By participating in Niantic Wayfarer, Explorers become part of an interactive community and contribute to the development of the Niantic real-world map, which is the foundation for all Niantic games.

Q. Can I qualify for Niantic Wayfarer by playing Pikmin Bloom?

Currently, you can not.
Pokémon GO players Level 38+ and Ingress players Level 10+ are eligible to participate in Niantic Wayfarer.

Q. How are Wayspots used in Pikmin Bloom?

Currently, Wayspots are used for Big Flowers, Mushrooms, Postcards, and more. Uses may be added or changed in the future.

Q. A new Wayspot has been approved in Niantic Wayfarer. When will it appear in Pikmin Bloom?

Currently, we are adding new Wayspots to Pikmin Bloom on an irregular basis. We are unable to give you a timeline for when this work will be performed.
Also, considering the gaming experience, not all Wayspots will necessarily be reflected in the app. Thank you for your understanding.