Challenges have been reworked into a new feature!
  • The Challenges in the game have been overhauled and now feature various goals to accomplish so that you can enjoy playing every day. The first Challenge will be to reach a specified number of steps together with your friends. This new Challenge begins on April 28, 2022  (local time).
  • In accordance with this update, the act of destroying mushrooms will no longer be classified as a Challenge, and instead can be found among the list of Expedition destinations. The method for destroying mushrooms and the resulting rewards remain unchanged.
Additional information regarding the v44 release can be found below.
  • New activity list. Tap the activity widget on the upper side of the home screen to see your weekly challenge progress, step stats, and other info
  • Visual improvements in the AR mode screen
  • Users can now send only one postcard to the same friend in one day