In the challenge, you will be challenged with a variety of tasks and receive rewards for your accomplishments.

How to participate in the Challenge

Tap the "Activity" widget at the top of the home screen to display the current challenges.

Group Challenges


  • For information shared with other users when you participate in a group challenge, please see this article.
  • The indicator that appears on the Mii icon to show that it is your friend will be visible only to yourself.

How to participate:

  1. When a group challenge is selected, the group selection screen will appear. Groups in which one or more of your friends are participating and are still available for you to join will be displayed. If there is no group you can join or you don’t have friends participating in a challenge, you can create a new group.
  2. Swipe the screen to select the group you wish to join. Up to 10 groups will be displayed. If there are more than 10 groups open for participation, the groups displayed will be randomly selected.
  3. Once decided, select "Start Challenge". Let's complete the tasks in cooperation with other users!
  4. To track your progress, select the challenge you are participating in from the "Activities" widget.
  5. If you complete the challenge within the deadline, you will receive a reward.Even if you fail to achieve the goal, you may still receive a participation prize.
  6. If you want to quit in the middle of a challenge, go to your Mii icon > "Quit Challenge" > read the warning and if everything is OK,  tap "Quit" .
  7. Users who are not yet friends can send friend requests from the Mii icon and when the challenge is completed.

Types of Challenges

Weekly Challenge

  • You can participate in this challenge only once a week. A week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.
  • The deadline is determined by the time zone of the user who first created the group.
More Challenges will be added in the future, not just the ones listed above!