Please find frequently asked questions and answers about seedlings.

Q. Where can I confirm the category of seedlings?

Selecting a seedling in the list of expeditions or in the planter pack will bring up the details screen. You can find the category from the icon next to the location name.

Q. How are the categories of seedlings determined?

Categories are based on map information associated with a seedling’s place of origin.

Q. My seedling has wrong category / My seedling is found in the closed store / I can’t find a seedling from the newly opened store

Map information used for categories may not always be up-to-date. We appreciate your understanding.

Q. I could not find any seedlings from the location I visited. Why?

Seedlings are sometimes found around the place where you walked. Please note that you may not always find them in the places you go.

Q. Seedlings in planter packs no longer reflect the number of steps.

There is an upper limit (50,000 steps/day) on the number of steps reflected in the planter pack seedlings. Once the limit is exceeded, the number of steps will not be reflected until the next day.

Q. I can't find the seedlings.

To find seedlings, you will need to walk in many different places. Please also note the following.

  • Seedlings are not always found immediately in the area where you have walked, but sometimes found after a while.
  • Seedlings may not be found if the number of steps taken in a day is small.
  • Seedlings are a little harder to find in places where the seedlings or pikmin you currently possess have been found once, and a little easier to find in places where no seedlings or pikmin have yet been found.

If you cannot find seedlings at all, please refer to the following support article to make sure that location information is always enabled.



Q. I can't find any seedlings in the weather category.

Seedlings in the weather category are only found under certain weather conditions, from locations where seedlings in the “Roadside" category are usually found.

The weather information used in Pikmin Bloom may differ from the actual weather or may not be provided in some locations. Thank you for your understanding in advance.