• Find helpful hints to play the game in the app’s loading screen

  • Improved the skip function for the new Pikmin animations

  • The minimum radius of the privacy zone is now 50 meters
  • Many other bug fixes

(Resolved issues)

  • Following the last update, the display issues of the expedition badge have been resolved.

    • The time spent for the farthest expeditions displays the correct time with day/hour/minute.

    • Fixed the layout issue when the names of Pikmin sent are too long.

  • In v40, when the user plays in Japanese, the default name of Decor Pikmin created before v39 (e.g. Red Pikmin) was automatically overwritten to include the type of decor (e.g. Chef hat Red Pikmin). We converted these names to the names with the location of where Pikmin was discovered.

Also, the following behavior regarding names will be improved in the future release

  • When the whistle is tapped, the default name is also displayed if Pikmin was plucked in v40.

  • Once a Pikmin's name is changed, it cannot be reverted to the default name.