Update on 2022/3/8 (JST)

  • Detector performance has been updated.
    • The number of categories displayed in "Places Nearby" has been rebalanced.
    • The detector will find 1-2 seedlings from the categories in "Places Nearby" and add them to the expedition list.
    • Other parameters have been adjusted for detector performance.
  • Fixed the issue where collecting a seedling found on that day would result in the finding of an additional seedling almost immediately without walking.
    • Other parameters were adjusted for finding seedlings.
(Resolved issues)
The following issues with the expedition badge introduced in v40 have been resolved.
  • The expedition badge should have shown the number of expeditions completed since 2022/3/4 17:20 (JST) when the badge became available, but it showed a different number by mistake.  Please note that the badge will be awarded based on the expeditions completed after the badge has been released, and won’t be applied retroactively.
The following remaining issues with the expedition badge will be fixed in a future release.
  • The time spent for the farthest expeditions is displayed only seconds, and missing hours and minutes.
  • When the names of Pikmin sent are too long, the layout collapses.