What is a privacy zone?

A privacy zone allows you to set customizable, adjustable areas where you do not want your flower trail to be visible on the map. Once you enter your privacy zone, you will not be able to plant flowers.

Please note:

  • Other users can plant flowers in your privacy zone.
  • Your privacy zones are only visible to you, not to other players.
  • Flower petals will still be consumed during flower planting, however the flowers will not be planted so the flower trail will not be visible on the map.
  • You will maintain the Planting Boost percentage you had prior to entering your privacy zone, but the rate will not increase until after you exit your privacy zone.
  • You can set up to five privacy zones, and can edit or remove these zones at any time.

How to setup

1. Tap Profile
2. At the top right, tap Gear Icon
3. Select Privacy > Flower Planting
4. Tap Create New Privacy Zone
5. The blue circle will be your privacy zone. Adjust the range of the zone by moving the map or zooming in and out.  Zone must be larger than 50m in radius ,but cannot exceed 300m in radius.

6. Once you have decided, select "Create" in the lower right corner and set a name of the zone.
7. A privacy zone has been created. The created privacy zone will be indicated by a yellow circle.

8. If you want to edit the created privacy zone (change location, rename, or delete), click on the edit icon to the right of the name of the zone.
9. If you want to add a privacy zone, select "Add" in the lower right corner.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you see that you are in a privacy zone while planting flowers?

The privacy zone is displayed as a yellow circle in the map view while planting flowers. Also, when you are in the zone, you will see a note above the map view that says "You have entered a Privacy Zone”. Your privacy zones are only visible to you, not to other players.

Q. Can I delete flowers planted in areas that are not privacy zones?

The flower trails will automatically disappear in a few days, but you can also delete your own flower trails right away. For more information, please see the following support article;