Last updated: 2021/11/6 (JST)


  • Improved the date of birth input form
  • If you are having an issue with an “This is an adult account” error message, please try to reinstall the app and enter the correct date of birth.
  • Fixed a login issue with Nintendo parental controlled accounts
  • Fixed an issue where a login error message was not correctly displayed
  • Improved the message when location permission is not granted

Update on 11/6/2021 (JST)

  • The number of required planted flowers to level up has been decreased.
  • The issue of sometimes gifts bought by the Pikmin disappeared from the Expeditions tab and they couldn't collect it has been resolved.  If you have any Pikmin encountered with this issue, please try feeding 1 nectar or any actions that will raise a friendship level. The Pikmin will find a gift again.