Frequently asked questions

Q. The app does not complete loading and cannot be launched.

After logging into the app, if loading does not complete and the application cannot be launched, please try restarting the application.

If this does not solve the problem, please refer to the following support article for troubleshooting.


If the troubleshooting does not solve the problem, please check if the device time is not aligned with the current time. If the time is significantly out of sync with the current time, the application will not launch. If the time is off, set the device's time setting to automatic and try again to see if the application can be launched.

If you are still having a problem, please contact support using the web form below. Please select "Sign-In Issue" as Issue Category.

Q. (iOS) On the app's home screen, the message "Cannot read the most up-to-date step count. Is access allowed?" is displayed.

Please refer to the following article to check if the "Steps" setting is enabled in the "Health Care" app settings.
If you have lost the "Steps" setting, please try uninstall and reinstall the app.

Q. (Android) I get a network error message and can't play Pikmin Bloom.

Your Location Information Settings may not be enabled. Please refer to the Location Information Settings in the article below and check if it is enabled correctly.

Q. I am a user over 13 years old, but when I try to log in with my Nintendo Account, I get the message "You cannot login with a kids account.”

If the user is 13 years old or older, you will be able to change your child account to a non-child account. For further instructions, please visit the Nintendo Account web page (, and click on Help located at the bottom of the page.

Q. I am an adult user, but when I try to log in with my Nintendo Account, I get the message "You cannot login with a non-kids account.”

If you entered your date of birth when you first started the app and it was determined that you were a child, you will not be able to log in with your adult Nintendo Account. If your date of birth was entered incorrectly, you can re-enter it by deleting the app and installing it again.

Q.  I have an account playing other Niantic apps (such as Ingress, Pokémon GO, or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite), can I link it to my Nintendo account?

If you already have an account of another Niantic app, we suggest signing up for Pikmin Bloom with a login method you already use. You’ll be able to link a Nintendo Account later.  To link a Nintendo account, after signing up with your existing account, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of your profile screen > Linked Accounts > Nintendo.

Currently, when starting Pikmin Bloom with a Nintendo Account, you won’t be able to link it with any login methods used for other Niantic games.

Q. When I added/removed a friend from my Pikmin Bloom friends list, they were also added/removed from my friends list in other games.

Changes to your Friendship list will be carried over across other Niantic apps. Removing a friend in Pikmin Bloom could also remove them from Pokémon GO and Ingress.

Q. The users who have become my friends do not appear in my friends list.

It may take a few hours for your friends list to become up-to-date. Please wait for a while until it is updated.

Known Issues

In v51.1, yellow Station Ticket Decor Pikmin has visual glitch

Description: In v51.1, when yellow Pikmin wears Station Ticket Decor, the word “TOKYO” is overlapped on the station name.
Status: To be fixed in a future release.  After the fix, the Pikmin’s ticket display will return to normal.

“Theme Park Ticket” Decor Pikmin : display issue of the location name & date

Description: The name of the location and the date found displayed on the "Theme Park Tickets" Decor Pikmin is blank in the following scenes.

1. Your friend’s Pikmin
        a. Challenge
        b. Friend List
2. Pikmin send to Mushroom
3. Pikmin you send to a friend with a postcard
4. Pikmin showed during flower planting with others
5. Pikmin in Postcards
6. Pikmin in Expedition Badge, My Expedition Record
7. Pikmin in Memento Cards

Status: This issue will be fixed in a future release. However, please note that at scenes 5-7, the display will not be updated after the fix.  Thank you for understanding.

(v50 or later) Pikmin's strength when sending to Mushroom

Description: In v50 or later, the strength of Pikmin send to mushrooms in some situations (e.g. when Pikmin has a flower on the head). This is due to the modification of the calculation method for the display of strength which is not a bug, but we are planning to improve.
Status: To be improved in a future release.

(Galaxy S22 Series) Visual glitch of Mii outfits

Description: On Galaxy S22 series, Mii's outfit is displayed in bright pink.
Status: Investigating

(Android) The permission dialogue of access to photos is shown repeatedly.

Description: On Android, even if you deny access to photos, you may still be asked to accept access repeatedly during daily look back.
Status: To be fixed in a future release.

When there are many Pikmin returning from expeditions, the app may crash on the home screen.

Description: After the loading screen, the app may crash if there are many Pikmin who came back from expeditions on the home screen depending on the device. If you have this problem and cannot launch the app, you can contact support using the web form below. Please select "Sign-In Issue" as Issue Category.
Status: To be fixed in a future release.

Resolved Issues

Thank you for waiting. The following issues have been resolved. You can find past resolved issues in the support community.

In v51.1, red badge of News section is not updated

Description: In v51.1, the red badge indicating that there are unread articles in the News section is not updated.
Status: Resolved in 2022/8/11 (JST)

In v49, you may be able to invite a friend in another group's challenge

Description: In v49, when inviting a friend to a group for a challenge, a friend who is in another group is grayed out and cannot be selected. However, if the friend has already completed the challenge, the friend can be invited to the challenge of which target is different from the one the friend completed. When this happens, the friend cannot accept or cancel the invitation. This issue occurs in both the Step Challenge and the Flower Planting Challenge.
Status: Resolved in 2022/8/2 (JST).

In v48, some Pikmin’s motions are not working

Description: There is an issue in v48 where the motions of Pikmin (e.g. eye movements) are unintentionally not working.
Status:  In v49, the issue of Pikmin's eye movements are resolved. In v50, the issue with Pikmin's motion when selecting for Mushroom are resolved.

"Pack of the Week" available from July 22-28 is not showing the contents

Description: The contents of the "Pack of the Week” available from July 22-28 are not being displayed. The contents of this pack are 10 Detectors.
Status: For users who purchased this pack by mistake and wish to return the coins, please contact support from the app and select "Issues with Items or Purchases" as the category of the problem.
Due to the time required to fix the issue, we have suspended the sale of the “Pack of the Week” from July 22-28. Once the problem is fixed, we will resell it with the same contents as soon as possible. We will make an announcement when the resale date has been decided. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The reward may not include Mii T-shirt in the Weekly Challenge from June 27-July 3

Description: If you participated in the Weekly Challenge from June 27 to July 3 and received rewards from July 4 to 6, you were not rewarded with a Mii item (green "Explore" T-shirt).  This issue occurs whether or not the target number of steps is achieved.
Status: For users affected by this issue and if you have not yet received the green "Explore" printed T-shirt, we have granted you this item. Please launch the app and confirm.