Here are the items and their effects available in Pikmin Bloom.


Items such as seedlings and fruits can sometimes be found while walking. However, using the detectors, you can find seedlings and fruits near your current location without walking.
  • The detector is available from level 4.
  • The items you find will be registered in your expedition list. If you do not send Pikmin on expeditions, the found items will disappear from the expedition list in a few days.
  • The detector will find at least one seedling. The categories of seedlings found are one of the categories indicated in the "Places Nearby" that can be checked before use.
  • Detectors can be used in the Walk View.
  • A free detector is provided daily. You cannot carry over the unused free detector to the next day.


Feeding nectar to Pikmin will slightly increase their friendship levels. It will also bloom a flower on a Pikmin and you can collect it as a petal. The types of nectar available during play will change according to the season.
  • For regular white nectar, when Pikmin is in leaf status, one nectar will grow the leaf into a bud and another nectar is needed to grow the bud into a flower. Two petals can be collected from this flower. When Pikmin is in bud status, one nectar will grow the bud into a flower and one petal can be collected.
  • For all other nectar, only one nectar is required to grow a leaf into a flower and one petal can be collected from it..

Special nectar

Special nectar increases your friendship level with Pikmin (1 red heart or 1/4 yellow heart). It will also bloom a regular white flower on that Pikmin and you can collect it as a regular white petal.


Petals can be used to plant flowers.
  • Flowers planted with petals will disappear after a certain period of time. The same applies to petals purchased.


Flower planting accelerator

Using the flower planting accelerator doubles your flower planting speed for 15 minutes.

  • When planting flowers while in effect, the number of flower petals used will also double, but you will be able to plant twice as many flowers.
  • The flower planting accelerator is unlocked at level 12 and one free accelerator is supplied when the flower planting screen is opened. If you purchased it in the shop or received it as a reward, it will be unlocked immediately and you will be given one for free the next time you open the flower planting screen.
  • It can be accessed from the "Accelerate" button in the upper left corner of the flower planting screen or in the upper right corner of the adventure view during the flower planting.
  • While in effect, the remaining time is displayed in the upper left corner of the flower planting screen and in the upper right corner of the adventure view.
  • You can extend the acceleration effect before it wears off by adding a new accelerator.
  • Please note that even if you stop planting flowers before the effect wears off, the count down of the active time will not stop. If flower planting is restarted while the count down of the previous acceleretor is still ongoing, the acceleration effect will be activated again.


Expedition drone

With the expedition drone, any distant expeditions can be completed in an instant.

  • After selecting an expedition and choosing a Pikmin to send, tap the "Expedition Drone" button that appears below to use it.
  • If Pikmin have already been sent to the expedition, you can also use the expedition drone by tapping the "Use drone" button from the expedition details screen.
  • If you do not have an expedition drone, the button above will not appear.


Single-Use Slots

The Single-Use slot is an item that temporarily adds one more slot to the planter for growing a seedling. Each Single-Use slot allows one seedling to grow once and will disappear after the grown seedling is plucked out.
  • The Single-Use slots added in the planter will be used when you try to plant more seedlings while the two default seedling slots are already filled with seedlings.
  • The Single-Use slots placed in the planter cannot be returned to the item bag.
  • When multiple Single-Use slots are added in the planter, you will not be able to choose which one to use when planting seedlings.

Special slots

Special slots allow seedlings to grow 30% faster than regular slots.

Mii Items

These items allow you to change your Mii outfit.

Challenge Recharge Ticket

This ticket will allow you to play the completed Weekly Challenge one more time.

  • After completing a Weekly Challenge, go to the Activity List and select "Play Again" to try that Challenge once more.
  • Even if you use this item, the Challenge will end on Sunday as usual.
  • This item will be consumed immediately after you select the "Play Again". Please note that the item will not be returned if you do not rejoin the Challenge after using the ticket.

Mushroom recharge tickets

This ticket allows you to try additional mushrooms after you have already sent your Pikmin to mushrooms three times for the day. Furthermore, you can use this ticket for mushrooms that already have five participants, allowing up to 20 users to play together.

  • This item will be consumed immediately after joining a mushroom. Please note that once the ticket is used, it will not be returned even if you cancel a mushroom in progress.