You can request deletion of your game account to completely and permanently remove all of its game data. Deletion requests can be initiated through the app or by submitting a request form. Be mindful that all verified deletion requests may take several weeks to process and are irreversible once completed.

How to start the deletion process from the app

  1. Tap Profile
  2. At the top right, tap Gear Icon
  3. Select Account.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Delete Account.
  5. Follow the instructions to delete your account.
Reminder: Once you confirm account deletion, this action cannot be undone.

How to request deletion by submitting a request form

If you are unable to request deletion from the app, please request from this form and select "Delete My Account” from the 'Issue Category' dropdown.

Be sure to provide your correct "Account ID" (you can find it in Profile, see the screenshot below) in the Username field and have access to the email associated with the account so you can respond to our email and confirm your deletion request. We are unable to process requests without verifying this information.

Reminder: Once you confirm account deletion by replying to the confirmation email, this action cannot be undone.