When you are out and about, you may find mushrooms. Join other users to clear the mushrooms!


  • When you join the mushrooms, your name, level, Mii, total strength of the Pikmin you sent, and some of the Pikmin you sent will be visible to other participants.
  • You can unlock mushrooms at level 8.
  • You can participate in mushrooms up to 3 times a day. If you want to play more than that, please use mushroom recharge tickets. Furthermore, you can use a mushroom recharge ticket for mushrooms that already have five participants, allowing up to 20 users to play together. For more information about mushroom recharge tickets, please see this support article.
  • The count of tries will be reset at midnight every day.

Types and sizes of mushrooms

Mushrooms have different characteristics for each type and size.

Types of mushrooms

Red, yellow, blue, purple, white, gray and pink

Different types of Pikmin are effective at clearing these mushrooms in each colors. Selecting the most effective Pikmin will increase the total strength.

Fire, Water, Crystal and Electric

Only certain Pikmin can be sent to these Mushrooms.

Common to all types

Pikmin with a high friendship level and Pikmin with flowers on their heads have higher strength.

Mushroom size

Small, normal and large

The larger the mushroom, the higher total strength required to complete it. Work together with other users to get a high score. 

You must also send at least 10 Pikmin to participate in the regular mushrooms and at least 15 Pikmin to participate in the large mushrooms.

How to participate in mushrooms

  1. Mushrooms may appear in the surroundings.  Mushrooms can be found either in the expedition list or in the adventure view.
  2. Once you tap on the mushroom to participate in, the details screen will appear.  The number shown on the top represents the "Total workload" required to clear that Mushroom.  Other users who have already joined are displayed too. Up to 5 users can participate in one mushroom.  
  3.  Tap the Join button.
  4. Select Pikmin to send to the mushroom.  Selecting the most effective Pikmin will make the total strength higher. To find the most effective Pikmin, you can sort the Pikmin by "Strength". There is a limit to the number of Pikmin you can send to a mushroom, but this limit can be increased by raising your Level.
  5. Once you have selected Pikmin, tap the Nectar at the bottom of the screen to feed them. Pikmin with flowers on their heads have higher strength.
  6.  Tap the GO button and the selected Pikmin will depart for the mushrooms.
  7. Clearing a mushroom may take a long time, depending on it's difficulty. Once the workload drops to zero, you’ll see the results screen the next time you open the app.
  8. On the results screen, you’ll see your star rating based on the total strength of the participating Pikmin and how long it took to complete, and your Pikmin will bring you back some rewards and a special Postcard with the results recorded on it.
  9. Rewards can be collected by tapping the whistle in the Pikmin Garden. 

Use Mushroom Battle Bullhorn to call friends for help

With the Mushroom Battle Bullhorn, you can ask your friends to join the mushroom remotely. Let’s participate in mushrooms with a friend who is far away!

How to use “Mushroom Battle Bullhorn”

  1. Display the detail screen of the mushroom you are participating in and tap the "Call Friends for Help" button.
  2. Select friends you would like to ask for help and tap “Call them for Help”.
  3. Mushrooms for which you have requested help will appear in your friend's expedition list.


  • Mushroom Battle Bullhorn can be used for free once a day
  • The number of friends you can call for help using the Mushroom Battle Bullhorn is up to 4.
  • Receiving a call for help does not secure a spot to join the mushroom. Other users may join that mushroom first.
  • Other users will not see that you have asked your friends for help.
  • Joining a mushroom that you've received a call for help counts against the free daily limit of 3 mushrooms per day.
  • If you receive a call for help and the mushroom already has 5 participants, you will need to use a Mushroom Recharge Ticket to join.
  • Invitees will receive the same amount of rewards at the end of the battle.
  • Child accounts cannot use the Mushroom Battle Bullhorn and will not be shown if they receive a call for help.

Rewards for clearing mushrooms

The rewards you will earn for clearing the mushrooms are as follows. 

  • A special postcard with the results recorded
  • Fruit
    • Fruit size depends on the star rating on the results screen.
    • For the type and number of fruits you can receive for each star rating, see the rewards list at the bottom of the mushroom details screen.
  • Special nectar
    • You will receive special nectar only when you clear with a 4 star rating.


  • The rewards you receive for clearing the mushrooms will be brought back by the Pikmin you sent. Therefore, if the number of Pikmin sent is too small, some of the rewards may not be carried. In order to receive all the rewards, dispatch the maximum number of Pikmin to the mushrooms.

How to cancel mushrooms

  1. If you want to cancel a mushroom in progress, tap it to display the details screen.
  2. Tap "Leave". Please note, that this will still count as 1 try towards your daily mushroom limit.
  3. Read the warning and tap "Leave". Pikmin who had joined the mushroom will return.

Send reactions to other users

You can send reactions to other users participating in Mushrooms.

  1. Tap other users of the mushroom you are participating in.
  2. Tap the Reaction button to let the user know how you feel.
  3. Depending on the reactions received by the user, the title displayed on the results screen will change.