After creating a Pikmin Bloom account, you may link it to third-party accounts (login providers).

It is recommended that multiple login providers are linked, as you would be able to use one to log in to the app, even if there was a problem with the other.


  • Child accounts cannot link login providers.
  • Login providers that can be linked in Pikmin Bloom are Google/Facebook/Apple ID (iOS only)/Nintendo account.
  • Only one account per login provider can be linked.
  • If you play other Niantic products (e. g. Pokémon GO) using the same account as Pikmin Bloom, addition and deletion of linked accounts will take effect for all Niantic products.

Linking Accounts

  1. Tap the gear iconin the upper right corner of the profile screen.
  2. Tap [Account].
  3. Tap to check the checkbox of the login provider you wish to link under [Linked Accounts].
  4. Follow the instructions to link your accounts. After the successful linking, you will be able to log in to Pikmin Bloom using the linked method.

Unlinking accounts

  1. Tap the gear iconin the upper right corner of the profile screen.
  2. Tap [Account].
  3. Tap to uncheck the checkbox of the provider you wish to unlink under [Linked Account].
Once unchecked, you will no longer be able to log in using that provider. Please note that you will not be able to unlink the login provider currently being used to log in to Pikmin Bloom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I tried to link an account, the message "The selected account is already linked to another account.

The login provider account could not be linked because it was already linked to another account for a Niantic product. Please make sure that you have not accidentally created multiple Pikmin Bloom accounts or played another Niantic product (such as Pokémon GO) with that account.

Q. After I unchecked all but the Nintendo account under [Linked Accounts] in Pikmin Bloom, I can no longer log in to other Niantic products.

Pikmin Bloom is currently the only Niantic product that allows you to log in using your Nintendo account. To resolve this, please log in to Pikmin Bloom with your Nintendo account and then check Google/Facebook/Apple ID (iOS only) to link them again.

Q. I have other accounts for playing other Niantic apps (such as Pokémon GO). Can I link them to my Nintendo account?

If you already have an account with another Niantic app, we recommend signing up for Pikmin Bloom using the login method you already use.You will be able to link it to your Nintendo account later. After signing up with your existing account, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of your profile screen, then tap [Account]. Tap to check the checkbox of Nintendo under [Linked Accounts].
If you started Pikmin Bloom with a Nintendo account, it cannot be linked to the login method used for other Niantic games.