One of the benefits of connecting with friends in Pikmin Bloom is gaining the ability to send and receive a postcard as a gift!

To send a postcard:

  1. Accessible via the icon on the top left corner of your profile screen

  2. Tap the gift icon of your friend that you wish to send a postcard as a gift.

  3. Select which postcard you would like to send. Please note that the postcard will disappear from your postcard tab at the lifelog screen if you send it out.

  4. Tap on the Send button.

Your Friend will receive a notification that you sent them a postcard. Once they reveal your postcard, they’ll receive it. It will store in the postcard tab at their lifelog screen.

To receive a postcard:

You will receive a notification and see the Pikmin carrying the postcard at the Pikmin garden screen. Tap the Pikmin to reveal the postcard. It will be saved in your lifelog screen's postcard tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limitation on sending postcards?

You can send the postcard only if you have one. Also, please be aware that the postcard will disappear once you send it to your friend as a gift.

How can I get postcards?

When you send your Pikmin out for an expedition, they'll occasionally pick up postcards. Postcards are digital keepsakes that show Pikmin on their excursion. Please be aware that postcards are not guaranteed. To obtain postcards, you need to send Pikmin on an Expedition. Please see this article for more information about "Expedition".