If you haven’t collected any petals, you won’t be able to plant flowers.

If you have petals in a petal jar, you’ve started planting, but you’re not seeing flowers on the map, there are a few reasons why this may be happening:
  • You’re moving too fast - Flowers may not plant if you move around in any way other than walking, such as by car, train, or any other method of transportation.

  • You’re staying in the same area - Each area has a limit for the number of flowers that can be planted. If you stay at the same location for a long time, you may not be able to plant flowers. You can either wait a while to plant again or move around to continue planting.

  • You’re in an area where you cannot plant flowers - There are some areas, such as roads and waterways, where players can’t plant flowers due to safety and other considerations. Try changing your location to plant flowers again.

Another possible reason why your planted flowers are not reflected on the map

  • In Pikmin Bloom, there is a limit to the number of flowers that can be displayed in a single location.Therefore, if multiple flowers are planted in the same location, Pikmin Bloom will reflect the color of the flower that is planted the most.For example, if a lot of white flowers are planted in a certain place beforehand, even if red or yellow flowers are planted afterwards, they may not be reflected.
  • Pikmin Bloom is designed to stop planting flowers when your speed exceeds a certain level for safety reasons. Therefore, even if you are bicycling or walking, due to fluctuations in GPS accuracy, Pikmin Bloom may determine that you have exceeded a certain speed and stop planting flowers. In addition, there are certain areas where flower planting is not allowed, such as roads and waterways. Due to GPS fluctuation and differences between the map information used by Pikmin Bloom and the real world, planted flowers may not appear on the map in your exact location in the real world.
In both cases, even if the flowers are not seen on the screen we will count them as planted flowers.