While you have a Pikmin Bloom account, some account information will always be shared publicly, while other account information will be shared with only your friends.

Information you share with all users

Keep in mind that users within range of your location will be able to see the flower trails you create on the Map. If you choose to "Plant with Others," your Mii and Pikmin Squad will also be visible to other nearby users who have chosen to "Plant with Others." See our Help Center article on "How to plant Flowers" for additional information on flower planting modes.
Also, if you join mushrooms, other users will be able to see your name, level, Mii, total strength of the Pikmin you sent, and some of the Pikmin you sent.

Information you share when using share button

Keep in mind that if you check the "Share Location in Shared Moments" box on the confirmation screen that appears after tapping the share button or at the settings screen, the following information will be shared via the screen information.
  • The location you visited (The screen of when you pluck Pikmin, When Pikmin becomes Decor Pikmin)
  • Places you have visited in the game (Challenge result screen, the screen of when you receive a postcard by Expedition)
  • Places you planted flowers (Daily Lookback screen, Flower Planting result screen)
  • Footprints and places you've walked (Daily Lookback screen, Flower Planting result screen)
For more information, please visit "Sharing screen information"

Information you share with friends

Once you become friends with another user in Pikmin Bloom, specific account information will be shared through the Friends List:
  • Mii.
  • Your Name and Account ID
  • Your User Level
  • Date of becoming Friends
  • Your Pikmin Squad
  • Badges
  • Total Steps
  • How many days ago you have logged in. However, if the user has not logged in for more than 3 days, this will not be displayed.

In addition, the following information will be available to friends invited to mushrooms using the "Mushrooms Battle Bullhorn”.

  • Information about the mushroom you invited the friend
If you already have friends in other Niantic apps who also play Pikmin Bloom, they will automatically appear in your Friend List in Pikmin Bloom. You can have up to 400 friends in your Niantic Friend List, including friends from other Niantic Apps. Once you reach this limit, you'll need to remove friends before you can add new ones. Keep in mind that removing a friend in one game will remove them from your Friend List in other games as well.

Information you share when you send postcards to your friends

The postcards you sent to the friends will be stored in the postcard tab on the lifelog screen. The postcard contains your username, Mii, and Pikmin which delivered it.  Please note that even if you remove a friend, your postcards will remain unless your friend deletes them.

Information shared when you participate in a challenge with a group

When you participate in a challenge with a group, the following information is shared.

Information shared on the group selection screen (Only Friend’s Group)

When you participate in a challenge, the following information is shared to the users who can participate in the group (your friends or the friends of other participants in the group) on the group selection screen.
  • Mii.
  • Your Name
  • Mii and name of each participant in the group
  • Mii and name of the user invited to the group (only if you and the invited user are friends)


  • In a Friend’s Group, your friends can join. When a friend joins a group, their friends will become available to join.

  • If you select "Group with anyone," no information is shared with other users on the group selection screen.

Information shared on the progress screen

The following information will be shared with other participants in the same challenge on the progress screen in addition to the above.
  • Your User Level
  • Your Pikmin Squad
  • Your steps during your participation in the challenge
  • Number of flowers you planted during your participation in the challenge

Other Notes

  • Users who have participated in the same challenge can send each other friend requests.
  • The indicator that appears on Mii icon to show that it is your friend is visible only to yourself.
  • The Mii and name of the friend you invited are not visible to users who are not friends with that user, until that user joins the group.