Steps counted in the Pikmin Bloom app are linked to the Google Fit app; steps are measured in Google Fit and reflected in the Pikmin Bloom app. However, Pikmin Bloom may not always show Google Fit’s most up-to-date step count. Players can expect a delay of up to several hours for the Pikmin Bloom to sync with Google Fit and accurately track your activity. Restarting the game may help expedite this process.
Note: Step data that is manually entered into Google Fit will not be added to your total steps in Pikmin Bloom.

If your steps aren’t counted in Pikmin Bloom while they are counted in the Google Fit app, please check the following settings:

Google Fit Settings
  1. Launch the Google Fit app.
  2. Tap Profile.
  3. Tap the gear button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Under Tracking Preferences, make sure that the Track your activity toggle is switched on.
  5. Tap Connected Apps and make sure that Pikmin Bloom is connected. If you don't see Pikmin Bloom under your Connected Apps, restart the Pikmin Bloom app and follow instructions to connect Google Fit.
Note: If your number of steps is zero in Google Fit, it may be due to a problem with Google Fit or your device. Please refer to the Google Fit help center.

Battery Saver Mode
If Battery Saver mode (i.e. power saving) is on, required sensors may be disabled and synchronization may be affected.
We recommend turning off this setting to ensure your steps are tracked accurately. Check your device manufacturer or carrier's support site for instructions.

Location information Settings on Android 10 or above
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps & notifications.
  3. Tap Permission manager.
  4. Tap Location.
Make sure Pikmin Bloom has location permissions enabled and set to Allow Always.

If your steps still aren’t counted with these settings, restarting your device may help solve the issue.

Note: Android devices with Android 9 or lower be sure Pikmin Bloom has location permissions always enabled or enabled while using the app. Check your device manufacturer or carrier's support site for instructions.