You can send Pikmin on expeditions to bring back items such as fruits and seedlings that you found while walking.

Please note
  • Expeditions will be available upon reaching level 3. If expeditions aren't available yet, try raising your level first.
  • Each Expedition disappears in a few days after it appears. Please send Pikmin to Expedition shortly when it appears, or you will lose your Expedition.

How to start an expedition

1. Once you have access to expeditions, try walking around with your phone and visiting various locations. While you're out and about, your Pikmin will encounter items like fruits and seedlings. You can check the items they've found under the expeditions tab (expedition list) in the map view, and also while in the walk view. You can also tap expedition notice on the home screen's map to quickly start an expedition.
2. Select the item you want to retrieve from the expeditions tab in the map view or from the walk view. Next, tap the “To expedition” button.
3. Choose the Pikmin that will retrieve the item. When choosing your Pikmin, a fraction will be displayed. The bottom number represents the weight of the item to be obtained, while the top number denotes the selected Pikmin's total strength. The displayed time represents roughly how long it will take the chosen Pikmin to retrieve the item.
  • To send a Pikmin on an expedition, the total strength of the chosen Pikmin must be greater than the item's weight.
  • A Pikmin's strength and movement speed vary by type. Try assembling a variety of types in your squad.
    You can automatically select Pikmin by pressing the Auto button.
4. Tap the GO button to send the chosen Pikmin off on the expedition. You can check the current location of any Pikmin on an expedition under the expeditions tab in the map view.
5. Once your Pikmin have returned from an expedition, any items they brought back can be collected from the Pikmin garden screen. Blow the whistle to gather your Pikmin and check the ones that have returned.
Note: Expedition items will disappear in a few days if you don't send Pikmin to an expedition. Especially, the items found by flowering the Big Flower will disappear if you don't send Pikmin out to pick them up before the Big Flower turns back into a leaf.

Frequent Asked Question


I have reached Lv.3, but the expedition onboarding doesn't start.

If the expedition onboarding does not start even after you reach Lv. 3, please tap the expedition widget on the home screen to start onboarding. After the onboarding is completed, you will be able to start the expedition.

I can't find any expeditions on my walk.

If you have reached level 3 and cannot find any expedition items after going out, please check the following points.
  • Allow Pikmin Bloom to access your location even when your app is not open. This will allow your device to get Location data in background(In your device’s setting, make sure Location Service Setting is set to “Allow” or “Allow Always”)

  • “Store My Footprints” is enabled in the Pikmin Bloom Settings Menu.(You can enable or disable this function anytime in the Settings Menu)