Daily progress of Pikmin Bloom is summarized in the "Daily Lookback" animation. You can check where you walked, where you planted flowers, and the number of steps you took that day.


  • The "Daily Lookback" will automatically play at 9:00 p.m. by default.
  • Every Sunday, the "Weekly Lookback" will be played after the "Daily Lookback".

How to set the automatic playback time for "Daily Lookback”

  1. Tap [Profile].
  2. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Lifelog and Daily Lookback and select the time you want to play from the Daily Lookback Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to replay past "Daily Lookback"?

Please see this support article "Life Log".

Q. It’s Sunday but I don't see my “Weekly Lookback".

  • You must have played the game for at least 4 days in order for the Weekly Lookback to play. If you have just started playing the game, the Weekly Lookback will be recorded starting the following Sunday.
  • If you started playing the game before v59, please use one of the following methods to watch the first “Weekly Lookback”. After that, a " Weekly Lookback" button will be added in your Lifelog, and you will be able to replay the past Weekly Lookbacks at any time.
    • Watch the “Weekly Lookback" once, which will be played after the automatic play of the “Daily Lookback" on Sunday.
    • In the Lifelog, tap on Sunday’s “Daily Lookback” to watch the automatic play of the “Weekly Lookback” by Wednesday of the following week. Please note, that the date of Sunday must have the shiny effect (this means Sunday's stepcount is more than 300).