Types of Pikmin

There are many different types of Pikmin, each with its own characteristics. Currently, seven types of Pikmin have been confirmed:
  • Red Pikmin
  • Blue Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Purple Pikmin
  • White Pikmin
  • Rock Pikmin
  • Winged Pikmin

Pikmin Flowers

One of the plantlike characteristics of Pikmin is their ability to grow a flower on their heads.
It starts out as a leaf, but you can make it grow by giving the Pikmin nectar collected from fruit. If you give a Pikmin nectar when it has a leaf on its head, the leaf will change into a flower bud, and continuing to give the Pikmin nectar will cause the bud to bloom into a flower. When that happens, the flower will start to glow, and by tapping it you can obtain flower petals.
The type of flower, and the type of petals you can collect from it, differs depending on the nectar you give the Pikmin.

What we know about Pikmin flower growth
  • By putting a Pikmin in your Squad and going on walks with it, the leaf on its head will eventually grow into a bud even if you don’t give it nectar.
  • When you collect flower petals, the light on the flower disappears, but if you give the Pikmin nectar again, the light will return, allowing you to collect more petals.
  • However, if you give a Pikmin a lot of nectar at once and continuously collect petals, the flower on the Pikmin’s head will eventually disappear, and it will temporarily stop eating nectar.
  • When a Pikmin has lost its flower, leave it alone for a while and it will grow a new leaf, and then you can make it bloom into a flower again.
  • You can double tap on a Pikmin to check how many times in a row you’ve collected petals from it.
  • Pikmin flower will return to their leaves after a certain period of time.

Decor Pikmin

A Pikmin becomes what’s known as a “Decor Pikmin” by wearing an item specific to the place it was born. For example, if you find a seedling near a café, the Pikmin you pluck from it might wear a coffee cup.

These are the methods we know of to convert a Pikmin into a Decor Pikmin:

Raise the Pikmin’s friendship level

  • When you give a Pikmin nectar or send it out on Expeditions, its Friendship Level grows bit by bit. When it reaches a Friendship Level of 4, you and your Pikmin have become very close, and it will tell you about a special item that can be found where it was born (the place where you found the Pikmin in seedling form). If you send the Pikmin on an Expedition to bring back that item, the Pikmin will put it on and become a Decor Pikmin.
Find and raise a huge seedling
  • As you visit different places, you may find a special type of seedling called a huge seedling, which you can obtain through an expedition. A huge seedling requires you to walk many steps for it to grow, but it contains the item that fell in the place you found it, and when you pluck it as a Pikmin, it will put on that item and become a Decor Pikmin.
There are a variety of items that Pikmin can wear, depending on where they were born. Try adding Pikmin from lots of different locations to your squad and raise your friendship level with them!