The Lifelog is a personal record of your daily activities that you can curate: what you did, how you felt, and what happened on your adventures. It consists of entries, which can be added to (or removed from) the lifelog so you can look back and remember your experiences.

Adding entries
You can add text and pictures to record things you've done and save them as entries in the lifelog. To add a new entry, tap the "+" next to the date and tap Add Entry button, select "Photo" or "Note" and choose date and record any thoughts you have.

Editing Entries
If you want to edit entries, locate the entry in your lifelog, then tap the photo or note to open the editing menu.

Note: Entries may contain private information such as your location, places you've visited, or personal photos.

Viewing entries
On the entries screen, you can view the following information:
  • The number of steps you've walked
  • Flower planting results (if you have planted flowers)
  • Places visited
  • Photos you captured
  • Written entries you created
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is the lifelog viewable to others?
A. No, only you can see your lifelog.