You can use the flower petals collected from Pikmin to plant flowers in the places you've been. Planting flowers has many benefits: seedlings will grow faster, Big Flowers that yield special fruit will grow nearby, and more.

Please note : Other users can see the flower trails at the location where you have planted flowers. The flowers that you planted can be seen on other user’s Walk View screen. (The screen doesn’t show any information about who planted the flowers.)

Moreover, turning on the toggle for “With Others” mode shares your Mii and Pikmin squad with another user’s walk view screen when they are also planting flowers in the “With Others” mode.

Please note “With Others” toggle is not available for Child Accounts (Niantic Kids or Nintendo accounts under Supervised Status)

Visit our Help Center article “Information shared with others in Pikmin Bloom” to learn more about the information you share with other Users.

1. Collecting Flower Petals

If you give nectar to a Pikmin, the leaf on its head will mature. Giving nectar to a Pikmin with a leaf on its head will develop the leaf to a bud, and continuing to give it nectar will help the bud blossom into a flower. Once a Pikmin has sprouted a flower, the petals on its head will glow. You can then tap on them to collect flower petals.

Different colors of nectar allow Pikmin to develop various kinds of flowers, which can then produce different types of flower petals.

For further details on how Pikmin flowers develop, please see the article titled "Pikmin".

2. Start planting flowers

To plant flowers while walking, you must first start the flower planting process before you set out.

Tap the Flower button in the bottom right of the home screen to open the flower planting menu. Select the petal jar for the flower you want to plant and tap “Start” to plant flowers. Once you've begun flower planting, you'll continue planting flowers until you tap on the Stop button or until you run out of petals. You don't need to look at the screen while planting flowers, so feel free to put your phone in your pocket and enjoy your walk. Flowers will be planted even if the app is closed. When you finish planting flowers, the number of flowers you planted will be displayed.

Also, if you are moving around in a smaller area or staying at the same location while flower planting, you will not be able to plant new flowers. Move to a different place or stop planting for a few minutes to be able to plant flowers in the same place again.

Effects of flower planting

Flower planting has the following main effects listed below. Note that these effects may change in future updates and that additional special effects may also be added during limited-time events.

Seedlings set in the Planter will grow more quickly.

Planting flowers while walking will temporarily boost the step energy provided to seedlings set in the planter. The more time you spend planting flowers, the greater the boost they'll receive.

You may also earn bonus coins.

When you finish planting flowers, you may earn bonus coins depending on how many flowers you planted at one time. These bonus coins can be used to purchase items at the shop. There is a limit to the number of bonus coins you can earn from flower planting each day.

Big flowers will grow over time.

For further details on how big flowers develop, please see the following description of  "Growing big flowers with flower planting".

How your Pikmin squad affects flower planting

Taking a larger squad out for flower planting will let you plant more flowers over the same distance, but note that this will also use up your flower petals more quickly.

Please Note : Planting flowers in “With Others” mode
The planting of flowers has 2 modes, “Alone” and “With Others.” The default setting is set to the “Alone” mode, however, you can turn on the toggle for  “With Others”  at the flower planting screen, which will keep “With Others” turned on for subsequent planting sessions. You can turn off this toggle and return to “Alone” mode at any time.
In the “With Others” mode, the effect of planting flowers is the same as the “Alone” mode. However, if there are users planting flowers in the “With Others” mode near you, you will be able to see each other’s Mii and Pikmin Squad on the Walk View screen. You can enjoy the experience of planting flowers with them, such as  when you walk with your family members or friends. The flower trails you planted will be displayed to other players in that area for 5 days.

Please note: The Pikmin Bloom’s Mii and the Pikmin squad are displayed to other users during the Planting Flowers in “With Others” mode. However, your username will not be displayed in either of the modes, Alone or With Others, during Flower Planting. Please note “With Others” toggle is unavailable for Child Accounts (Niantic Kids or Nintendo accounts under Supervised Status) Visit our Help Center article “Information shared with others in Pikmin Bloom” to learn more about the information you share with other Users.

How to finish flower planting
Flower planting will automatically end once you have run out of flower petals. You can also manually choose to finish planting flowers. To do so, open the flower planting menu and tap the Stop button.

3. Growing big flowers with flower planting

While in the walk view, you may discover some large plants known as big flowers in the area around you. Planting flowers close to them will cause the big flowers to grow, and flowers with more energy will cause them to grow even more.

The same big flowers will appear in other users' walk view, and they can also help them grow by planting flowers. Work together with others to make the big flowers grow!

When a big flower has grown as much as possible, the flower will open and it will reach full bloom. Planting flowers near a big flower that has reached full bloom may cause rare items like special fruits to appear. These items can be retrieved by going on an expedition. Any item found from a big flower will be marked with a flower icon on the expedition screen.

A Big Flower that has bloomed will return to its leaf form after it is done blooming. At this time, the items found at the Big Flower will also disappear from your Expedition screen if you have not sent Pikmin to collect it.

There are various kinds of big flowers—the type of flowers you and other users plant around them can affect what kind they grow into. For example, a big flower with many red flowers planted around it may grow into a big red flower. However, even if many white flowers are planted around a big flower, it might not always become a white big flower. It could become another type instead.

4. Viewing more about Big Flowers

Tap a Big Flower in the Map View to see the details of the Big Flower.

When Big Flowers are in bloom, they shine brightly. This is because they are full of nectar. You can collect the nectar from the detail screen. Once the nectar is retrieved, the sparkle disappears and the nectar cannot be retrieved until the next time the flower blooms. Go to different places to collect nectar from Big Flowers!