Pikmin are tiny, mysterious plant-like animals. In this world, they have been transformed into Seedlings and are dormant. Your goal is to return Pikmin to their original form and make this world where Pikmin thrive.

Plant seedlings, pluck Pikmin

Seedlings planted in the seedling slots of your planter pack use step energy to grow. You accumulate step energy by walking with your smartphone. Once you have enough step energy for a seedling to reach maturity, you can pluck that Pikmin from its seedling slot.

Feed nectar to Pikmin and collect flower petals

As you walk with your squad of Pikmin, they may find fruits or other items along the way. Tap the whistle button to go to the Pikmin garden, tap the fruit your Pikmin are holding to collect them, and the fruit will turn into nectar. When you give enough nectar to a Pikmin, a flower will bloom on its head. Then you can collect flower petals from the flower and plant them.
There are many varieties of fruit, as well as the nectar they transform into. If you give colored nectar to a Pikmin, you can collect flower petals of the same color from it.


The map can show your current location in the real world, as well as a record of the places you’ve been.

Flower Planting

You can use the flower petals you’ve collected from your Pikmin to plant flowers in the places you’ve walked.
There are many benefits of this: for example, seedlings will grow faster, and big flowers nearby will grow, allowing you to obtain special fruit.
For further details on how flower planting works, please see the article  “How to Plant Flowers.”


By sending Pikmin on an expedition, you can have them collect seedlings, fruit, and other items you’ve found on your walk.

For further details on how Expeditions work, please see the article  “Expedition”.