A note on eligibility: if a Wayspot nomination meets one of the below criteria, that’s great! But remember that eligibility alone isn’t sufficient to turn a nomination into an accepted Wayspot. Carefully consider the eligibility criteria, along with the acceptance criteria, rejection criteria, and content guidelines, when evaluating nominations.

A great place for exploration

A place you love to venture out to; a destination or a placemark of local interest and importance and which makes our communities unique and shapes its identity. Somewhere or something that tells the unique story about a place, its history, its cultural meaning, or teaches us about the community we live in.

Examples of Wayspot categories
  • Historic plaques
  • Unique Art or Architecture
  • Public Libraries
  • Public places of worship
  • Zoos
  • Museums and galleries
  • Community gardens
  • Historical gravestones
  • Nature signs
  • Unusual or unique local shops

A great place for exercise

A place you’d go to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, or exercise. Places that encourage walking, exercising, and enjoying public spaces. Or something that teaches or encourages us to be our healthiest selves.

Example of Wayspot categories
  • Parks and plazas
  • Gardens
  • Forests
  • Hiking trails & markers
  • Biking trails & markers
  • Exercise equipment in public spaces
  • Sport arenas
  • Sport fields

A great place to be social with others

A favorite gathering place for friends or strangers alike, where you can share a drink or meal, be entertained, or watch public life happen. Or something that draws us together to share an experience in a locally and culturally relevant way.

Example of Wayspot categories
  • Pavilions
  • Post Offices
  • Gaming/Comic stores
  • Libraries (including free little libraries on public spaces)
  • Parks and plazas
  • Fountains and water features
  • Famous transit stations
  • Popular restaurants
  • Favorite coffee shops