A high-quality photo of a Wayspot is:
  • Of the actual permanent physical, tangible, identifiable object or placemarker for an area
  • Well composed - the Wayspot or placemarker is centered without too much foreground or background, or objects passing by in front
  • Clear/sharp with good exposure (show off your photography skills!)

The following should not be submitted and, when reviewing, should be considered as rejection criteria:
  • Copyrighted photos (e.g. watermarked stock photos)
  • Photos that are blurry or under/over exposed
  • Includes people, body parts, or live animals
  • Pitch black photos where the Wayspot isn't clearly visible
  • Photos taken from a car where the car dashboard is visible
  • Sideways or upside down photos
  • Faction/Player tagging (anything with game specific symbols)
  • Obviously edited or doctored photos
  • Exact duplicates of existing photos
  • Vandalized photos
  • Photos with recognizable faces or license plates
  • Photos of another location