Submit photos in line with the current criteria. While there is no need to be a professional photographer, make sure you photograph well the object which you are nominating. For supporting photographs, submit a photo that includes the object. The photo should allow the reviewers to confirm the location of the object by the surrounding recognizable features that can be spotted on satellite view or similar.


A high-quality photo of a Wayspot is:

  • Of the actual permanent physical, tangible, identifiable object or place marker for an area
  • Well composed - the Wayspot or place marker is centered without too much foreground or background, or objects passing by in front
  • Clear/sharp with good exposure (show off your photography skills!)

The following should not be submitted and, when reviewing, should be considered as rejection criteria:

  • Copyrighted and 3rd party photos (e.g. watermarked stock photos and photos from maps sites)
  • Photos that are blurry or under/over exposed
  • Includes prominent people, body parts, or live animals
  • Pitch black photos where the Wayspot isn't clearly visible
  • Photos taken from a car where the car dashboard or mirror is visible
  • Sideways or upside down photos
  • Faction/Player tagging (anything with game specific symbols)
  • Obviously edited or doctored photos
  • Exact duplicates of existing photos
  • Vandalized photos
  • Photos with recognizable faces or license plates
  • Photos of another location