There are multiple ways that you can get in touch with the Wayfarer team and other members of the Wayfarer community.

Twitter - follow @NianticWayfarer on Twitter to get the latest updates on upcoming events, new features, etc.

The Niantic Wayfarer Community Forum is a place for members of the Wayfarer Community (qualified players of Niantic games who nominate Wayspots, review nominations, or both) can gather to connect with one another and share information.

This community is also a place where you can find information about upcoming launches, acceptance criteria clarifications, emerging and known issues, and answers to community questions.

The Niantic team is also active on this channel and will occasionally drop into discussions to share our thoughts or provide an answer to a question.

You can access the community by logging in with the login credentials you currently use to access the account qualified to use Wayfarer-related features in Pokémon GO or Ingress. Make sure to check out the Community Guidelines.

You may notice that information from the Niantic App you used to log in will automatically be uploaded into your Forum profile. This information includes your in-app Nickname and a three-letter abbreviation indicating which game you use to login (e.g. Remy-PGO).

We look forward to meeting you out there!