This article details how you can report Wayspots, nominations, edits that you believe are inappropriate or show signs of abuse. You can also report other users' inappropriate behaviors.

Where/How can you report abuse anonymously?

At the bottom of this article: click on "Report an abuse" and complete the form. You will be able to provide details and evidence by responding to the confirmation email.

You can also submit a report by signing into Wayfarer. Click the Help menu on the left side of the page. An orange chat button will appear in the bottom right of your browser window. You can use this chat to submit a report. 

What should you report?

  • Offensive or abusive title/description/supporting statements: 

    • Attempts to add an offensive title/description to a live Wayspot

    • Title/description/supporting statements edits that mention codenames, real names or other personal information of players

    • Titles, descriptions, or supporting information that attempt to inappropriately influence the reviewers to vote in a specific way

  • Invalid location edits:

    • Attempts to move the Wayspot to a location away from the object with which it’s associated (for example, moving the Wayspot to a different city/country)

  • Issues with photos:

    • Photos with explicit or inappropriate content

    • Photos with watermarks or other copyrighted information

    • Attempts to intentionally add unrelated photos to the location

  • Fake nominations or criteria issues: 

    • The wayspots/nominations that do not exist in the location or blatantly do not match our eligibility or acceptance criterias

  • Inappropriate Behavior by an Explorer: 

    • If you experience inappropriate behavior from other explorers (bullying, harassment, threats)

Note: While reviewing in Wayfarer, Explorers can also report an inappropriate submissions. 

What information should you include in the report?

  • Title of the Wayspot

  • Location (click the Google icon on the map to open the map in a separate tab and copy the URL)

  • Reason for reporting

  • Details about the abusers (if applicable)

  • Any additional information to detail the report (images, screenshots, maps details,etc..) 

What action will be taken on the report?

Once we receive the report with the necessary information, we’ll review the details and start an investigation. Players submitting invalid nominations/edits may receive a warning, a suspension, or have their Wayfarer and Niantic games account terminated.

In cases where the Wayspot was invalid and should not have been approved, we may also investigate the Wayfinders involved in the approval and issue penalties based on the severity of the offense. 

Wayfinders who submit inappropriate abuse reports may also receive a warning or punishment for repeat offenses.