Niantic Wayfarer allows you to shape adventures for yourself and others by mapping locations that inspire movement, exploration, and social interaction in your local area!

While exploring, Wayfinders (experienced players of Niantic games) can nominate Niantic Wayspots—unique places that exist in the real world, ranging from historic landmarks all the way to hyperlocal street art.

Wayfinders can also review others’ nominations from areas where they play and other places with which they're familiar. If a nomination gets enough positive reviews, it will become a new Niantic Wayspot. Reviewing nominations allows Wayfinders to fast track their own nominations and build their reputation as a reliable contributor.

With nuanced understanding of what makes a great Wayspot, Wayfinders help make Niantic adventures even more meaningful and immersive. Your efforts to map and provide feedback have the potential to make an incredible impact on the future of Niantic experiences.

Watch this video to learn more: