Tap or click the Review tab to start reviewing Wayspot nominations:
You’ll either be assigned a Wayspot nomination to review or an Edit to an existing Wayspot. If you’re assigned a nomination, you’ll be asked to score the potential Wayspot on a scale from one to five stars in various categories. Before you start reviewing, please make sure to review our guidelines for Eligible Wayspots, Ineligible Wayspots, and Potentially Confusing nominations.

Rating Scale

You will be asked various questions about a nomination and answer by rating on a scale of one to five stars. In general, use the following guidelines when deciding how to vote:
  • If you strongly agree or if the information is accurate, choose 5 stars
  • If you are unsure or have no opinion, choose 3 stars
  • If the answer is definitely no, choose 1 star. If giving a 1 start to the first queston, "Should this be a Wayspot", select a rejection reason

Should this be a Wayspot?

To answer this question, apply the rating scale above to reflect the nominations agreement with the Wayspot Eligibility criteria. If the answer is definitely no it should not be a Wayspot, choose 1 star, select a rejection reason, and add additional comments about your decision. With a 1 star rating, you will not be required to answer other questions and can move to the next nomination.

Title and Description

Rate the quality of the nomination’s title and description based on the following criteria.
Give high ratings to:
  • Official titles (if available) or creative titles/descriptions (as long as they add value to the Wayspot)
  • Titles and descriptions with correct spelling/capitalization/grammar
  • Titles and descriptions that include the artist’s name (for murals, statues, etc.)
Give low ratings to:
  • Titles and descriptions that do not match the Wayspot
  • Titles and descriptions with player names or game-specific information (artist names are acceptable)
  • Titles and descriptions with promotional content, URLs, or HTML tags
  • Titles and descriptions that are derogatory/offensive
  • Titles and descriptions with emoticons or emojis
  • Descriptions copied directly from other sources

Supporting Information

This section will show you additional information about the Wayspot nomination. This can include a photo showing the surrounding area to better equip you with information needed to decide if it should or should not be a Wayspot. It can also include additional details of the object in question such as the cultural significance.

Check Location Accuracy and Duplicates

The real-world location of a Wayspot is extremely important. We want players to see and experience Wayspots when they visit their real-world locations. Please make sure to examine the real-world location of the nomination using a variety of sources, including maps and street views and reject any nominations that may be duplicates of already exisiting Wayspots. 

Checking for Duplicates

At times, you might come across a nomination that is a duplicate of a live Wayspot. In these cases, follow these steps to look for and mark duplicate Wayspots.
The Check Location Accuracy and Duplicates section will display a list of live Wayspots in the real-world area around the nomination. Scan through the photos and if you find a live Wayspot for the nomination you are reviewing, follow these steps:
  • Select the duplicate Wayspot's photo
  • You will see a pop-up on the map with the Wayspot details. Confirm that it is a duplicate of the nomination you are analyzing
  • Tap or click the Mark As Duplicate button then click Submit. This will end your review and allow you to move to the next one. 


Location Accuracy

If you are able to determine a better location for the submitted Wayspot, you can click on the “Suggest A New Location” button and it will automatically rate it 5 stars and allow you to move the marker to a more accurate location.  
Note: At times, you may not be able to view the Wayspot nomination in maps or street views if the real-world location of the nomination is inside a park or under a tree. For these cases, use your best judgment to decide whether the nomination could exist at the real-world location. You can use the submission photo and look for clues in the background to help you decide.
  • Rate 5 stars if you can find the Wayspot nomination on the map and the marker is on or within a few feet of the object’s real-world location, and is not a duplicate.
  • Rate 3 stars if the Wayspot nomination is likely to exist in the real-world location if obscured by trees, or if you are unsure of the real-world location, and is not a duplicate.
  • Rate 1 star if the Wayspot nomination cannot be found on the map and is not a duplicate. 

Historic or Cultural Significance

How much historical or cultural significance does the nomination hold within the community? A local library built 100 years ago is certainly more historically and culturally significant than exercise equipment in a park. Use your best judgement and rate the nomination accordingly.

Visual Uniqueness

Does the nomination stand out from its surroundings? Wayspots that are easy to locate and visually distinct from the buildings and objects nearby make high-quality Wayspots and should be rated highly. If you think the nomination looks bland and will be hard to locate, give it a lower rating.

Safe Access

If the real-world location of the nomination cannot be confirmed to have safe pedestrian access (for e.g. on a roundabout or on the side of the road with no sidewalk access), rate 1 star for the “Can it be safely accessed?” question.
Example 1: There is a cross walk leading up to the object and an area next to the object for players to stand. This nomination gets 5 stars for the question “Can it be safely accessed?”
Example 2: There is no pedestrian access to the real-world location of the nomination. Mark this a 1 star for the question “Can it be safely accessed?”

What is it?

Here you can help categorize the nomination. It will ask you to select “yes” or “no” for a variety of possible Wayspot categories such as “library”, “Bookstore”, etc. If none of preselected categories are accurate and you click “no” on all of them, you’ll be prompted to add in your own category in the “Other” section which will appear once you click “no” on all of the preselected categories.

Additional Comments

Here you will be able to add any additional thoughts you had while reviewing the Wayspot nomination.