Below is a list of commonly asked questions about reviewing Wayspots. If your question isn’t answered here, please review our other articles on Wayspot eligibility.

How much time do I have to analyze a nomination?

Wayfinders are allowed 20 minutes to analyze a nomination. After 20 minutes, the page will time out, and you may be assigned a new nomination.

Will anyone ever read my comments?

Comments are available to Niantic Support and may be used if an additional review is required. The information may also be used to provide feedback to Wayfinders that continue to submit nominations that do not meet acceptance criteria.

Why are there no Wayspots available for me to review?

It’s likely that you have completed analyses of all nominations near your active play area, Hometown, and Bonus Location. Try returning in a few days’ time when there are more nominations available. You may be asked to return tomorrow if you are repeatedly assigned nominations that you do not analyze or if abuse is detected.

I failed the test to become a Wayfinder. When will I be able to retake it?

You are able to take the quiz an unlimited number of times. We believe that practice makes us better. If you fail the quiz, we advise that you go back, review the Wayspot Criteria and try again!

Can I edit a misspelling in the title or description?

At this time, reviewers cannot edit submissions beyond suggesting a new real-world location. If the title or description does not violate acceptance criteria, vote accordingly. Once the Wayspot is live, other Wayfinders will have an opportunity to submit an edit and suggest a better title/description.

If I suggest a new real-world location for a nominated Wayspot, how is that suggestion used?

When enough Wayfinders have suggested a new real-world location and an Agreement is reached, Wayfarer will automatically reposition the Wayspot if it is accepted.

How many analyses does it take to make a final decision on a Wayspot’s eligibility?

This exact number cannot be disclosed at this time, however we can say that this depends on the performance of each individual Wayfinder.

What should I consider when answering “Should this be a Wayspot?”

Considering the photo, title and description submitted in the nomination, does it seem like it would be a good Wayspot based on the criteria?

This is not an overall rating for the nomination.

Should I consider proximity to nearby Wayspots or Wayspot density when analyzing a nomination?

No. As long as the nomination is not a duplicate of an existing Wayspot, it is eligible to become a Wayspot. Each Niantic app has its own proximity rules to determine whether it will be included in the app.

Should the size of a nomination be taken into account?

Yes, a good Wayspot nomination should be relatively easy to locate in-person. If a Wayspot is too small, it may be difficult to verify their real-world location. If you come across a high-quality nomination that’s small in size, we recommend you use the supporting photo and description to provide more context on the nomination’s location.

Should the sign for a Wayspot nomination be marked as a duplicate if there is already a Wayspot for the object the sign represents?

If the sign is a significant distance from the object then it should be considered on its own. If it is close, such as with a church sign and a nearby church building, then it should be marked as a duplicate.

Should I consider the quality of the photo when analyzing a nomination?

If the photo is so poor-quality that you are unable to judge or verify the nomination, taken from a third party, or ineligible as defined in the acceptance criteria, provide a one-star vote for the question “Should this be a Wayspot?” and select the relevant rejection reason.