Once you have logged into your account, tap or click on the Profile tab to view your Wayfarer Profile:

At the top of the page, you’ll see a bar surrounding your profile picture that displays your progress towards an Upgrade and bar below your profile picture indicating the overall quality of your performance as an Explorer:

You’ll receive one percentage point towards an Upgrade for each Agreement you achieve.

Your Explorer rating will improve as the number of decisions you agree with grows, and your performance rating may be lowered if you have too many Disagreements. Your rating may also decrease if abuse of the Wayfarer platform is detected. If your performance is poor, please take the time to re-evaluate how you are analyzing nominations based on our acceptance criteria.

Below your performance, you’ll see the following statistics:

Total Nominations Reviewed - The total number of Wayspots nominations and edits that you’ve reviewed.

Nominations Accepted - This refers to the number of Agreements you’ve reached with the community that resulted in the acceptance of Wayspots, not the number of nominations you submitted that became Wayspots (which you can see on the Contributions Management page).

Nominations Rejected - The number of times you agreed with the community to reject a Wayspot nomination.

Nominations Duplicated - The number of times you marked a nomination as a duplicate, and the community agreed with your assessment.

Upgrades Available - The number of Upgrades you can use to prioritize your Wayspot nominations. Please note that you can only have up to 1000 Upgrades available at a given time.

Upgrades Redeemed - The total number of Upgrades you've used.