We’re required by law to obtain verifiable consent from a child’s parent before we gather any personal information from the child. Because of this, we need to verify your identity so we know you are really you.
One of the most common, COPPA-approved methods used for verifying identity is to charge or authorize a small amount to a credit card. The credit card transaction proves your identity. That process is handled by our verification provider SuperAwesome, in accordance with their own Privacy Policy, meaning your credit card information will NOT be shared with Niantic. Your credit card will NOT be used for any other purpose.
The amount and type of transaction depends on your location:
  • In the US: this is a one-time charge for $1.00. This a payment and NOT a temporary authorization hold. No further charges will be made to your credit card after this verification payment. The full amount of this charge is donated to charity by our identity verification provider SuperAwesome.
  • Outside the US: SuperAwesome places a temporary authorization hold for £0.30. Authorization holds are not charges and will be removed by your financial institution after approximately 7 days.

Which charity receives the US one-time charge?

The one-time charge is donated to the Global Fund for Children.